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Bike Bell

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If you find yourself using your bell on nearly every ride, the Bike Bell is for you with a fixed amount that clamps the bell tightly to your bars.  including longer life internal cable, narrower bar profile, smoother shifting!

Every day, millions of mountain bike riders head out on the trails to do what they love. And while they’re out there, enjoying the experience, they're also likely to encounter, other riders, hikers, horses, and wildlife. Unfortunately, there’s never really been an effective way for riders to pass and audibly communicate their presence to other trail users. Until now. CYCLINGCORE'S Bike Bell is the first bicycle bell designed exclusively for mountain biking.


  • A solid brass bell with a friendly ring sound is designed for friendly passing and signaling on shared-use trails and for alerting wildlife, including bears and mountain lions
  • Simple on/off lever controls the internal clapper, offering trail awareness when you need it and silence when you don't; slide it down to engage and up to lockout
  • The motion of your bike activates the sound
  • The updated design features a narrower profile and stronger internal clapper cable
  • Easily mounts anywhere on your handlebar using a 4mm hex bolt; mount either at the stem or near the grips with the included flexible 22.2mm shim
  • Tight, durable mount won't spin, shake or rattle on your bar
  • No need to remove the grips, brakes, or shifters to mount





Highlights of the timber! Bolt-On Mountain Bike Bell

  • Iconic cowbell design
  • Brass body
  • 200+ meters sound radius
  • sound is activated when the bike is in motion
  • Volume levels can be varied via on/off the clapper
  • Solid, stable mounting bracket
  • Easy installation
  • Fits 22.2 & 31.8mm clamp diameter

 The design is based on the iconic cowbell, only updated with a more modern look. A simple on/off lever controls the internal clapper. Slide it down for on, up for off. Or set it in between for a quieter sound. The motion of the bike activates the sound. Because the sound is passive, you communicate to other trail users a friendly, "Hey, I'm just letting you know I'm here". The advance notice gives hikers or oncoming riders time to find a safe place to move off the trail.

The Bike Bell features a tight, durable mount that won't spin, shake or rattle on your bars. Similar to a GPS or Garmin mount, the flexible nylon band tightens to your bars with a 5 mm hex bolt. The band itself is 31.8 mm in diameter, the same as the wider part of your bars near the stem. It also includes a flexible 22.2 mm shim, for mounting your bell securely near your grips, closer to your hands.

Installation is easy. There is no need to remove the grips, brakes, etc. Sleek black finish. Solid brass bell has a crisp, clean sound.
Included in delivery: bell with bolt-on mount (with a 5 mm hex bolt)!

 If you find yourself using your bell on nearly every ride, this is the model for you...!

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