Bicycle Helmet Mirror
Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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Product description :

The Bicycle Helmet Mirror is simply the finest helmet-mounted bicycle mirror made. We are certain of this because of thousands of our customers who have told us this in no uncertain terms. Cyclists who are safety-oriented quickly come to realize that our product is superior in functionality and durability to all competing helmet mirrors. The 2 1/4" mirror yields a huge field of view, much larger than any other helmet mirror. The mirror's size makes it easy to view everything approaching from the rear while the sturdy mounting is unparalleled - with no weak adhesives or fragile parts! Additionally, the linked stalk is easy to adjust, maintains functionality, and is guaranteed not to loosen! Simply attach to the helmet with included zip-ties, bend it into a position that offers the best visibility, and watch your awareness of the road behind you go beyond anything you previously knew was possible. Try it out and we're sure you'll agree that this helmet is the finest bicycle helmet mirror made. 

Features :

  • Huge 2 & 1/4" mirror provides the safest view of what's behind you
  • VERY sturdy construction. Does not vibrate. Stays in Place!
  • The linked arm is easy to adjust and holds the position
  • 100% U.S.A. Made from high-quality materials

Be Safe on the roads with the finest helmet-mounted bicycle mirror ever made.