cycologist sticker

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Get Our Sticker with pride, knowing that a portion of your purchase goes toward cycling charities around the globe. Part will go towards standard bicycle programs, for girls who attend school, a part will go towards spreading awareness of the benefits of educating girls and young women to reduce rural poverty.

In rural areas, too many school-age children, particularly girl students, are forced to choose between attending school and doing household chores. 

Cycling organizations and charities have been implementing a large-scale pilot program (50,000 bicycles over 500 schools) in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, which demonstrates that a simple bicycle, designed for the tough roads and heavy loads of rural Africa, can help improve access, attendance, and academic performance.  In the past 18 months,  over 12,000 bicycles have been distributed in a “study to own” model requiring students to achieve certain attendance levels or surrender the bicycle to the school.  The early results are incredibly positive: attendance rates have been rising from around 65% to nearly 90%.