Tire Lever
Tire Lever
Tire Lever

Tire Lever

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The  Tire Lever helps save knuckles when removing and installing tires, the nylon Speedier lever has a protective guard that arcs over your knuckles, helping protect them if your hand slips when installing or removing a tire.

Durable, high-strength plastic designed for long life, delivering reliable high performance "time after time".

Great Level - Long levers for great leverage with sturdy tires, but short and compact enough to be easily stored. Levers snap together for easy storage heavy-duty metal tire levers or with a metal core are recommended for this purpose.

Features : 

  • It uses a unique integrated handle.
  • Protects knuckles and fingers.
  • Makes tire removal and mounting a breeze.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy construction

Comfortable to Use: The ergonomic shape of the tire lever ensures that they sit comfortably in the hand when removing a tire from a rim. The levers also feature a thumb indent feature, giving it a great feel in the hand when in use.

REMOVE EVEN THE HARDEST OF TIRES - Each lever has a chisel-shaped tip, making it easy to pick up under a tire bead. The rounded edges and "slip" finish make it very easy to "pry and slide" the tire from the rim.


Easily handles not mounting and mounting stiff tires with ease which broke plastic tire levers previously.

The next best solution to not getting punctures.